How might we improve the traditional tortillería's shopping experience?

For this project, we researched the traditional Mexican “tortillería” concept: A small shop where you buy fresh corn tortillas by kilo. We began with a diagnostic workshop to understand the needs and strengths from the owner’s point of view, using the LEGO® Serious Play Method.

Through immersion and shadowing techniques, we gathered insights of the main concerns of the regular tortillería customers. One of our main discoveries was about the sensory experience: people would rather walk to a tortillería and wait in line because its smell and taste reminded them of homemade food.

This information was complimented with interviews and co-design sessions to map the tortillería’s ideal customer journey.

With this information, we helped the owner define her tortillería’s value proposition and service blueprint, in order to attract new clients with new products, visual elements, payment methods and social media campaigns. 

This project was developed with masiosare studio.