Think like a traveler

A toolkit to create a better world by seeing it through the eyes of others.

As author and IDEO partner Tom Kelley says, traveling brings you a high sense of awareness. You notice many details that are different from your homeland, from the design of street signs to the way a cashier hands your change in the supermarket. As you are exposed to these differences, this feeling unleashes our creativity and capacity to innovate, but once we’re home it vanishes.

Think like a traveler is a set of 20 cards that will help you see the world from the point of view of different characters.
Each card has its own story and challenges to immerse yourself in their lives, as well as access to a digital platform with an extended profile and external references.

This toolkit is inspired by global trends and unmet needs, based on insights from teaching empathy and design thinking to companies, students and entrepreneurs during several years (plus, my love of travel and telling illustrated stories in @mytraveltoons).

I developed several iterations of the cards, and settled on the current version for a series of workshops in Spring 2019. I hosted breakout sessions at TU Delft and Venture Cafe in Rotterdam, and full workshops in The Thinking Hut in Amsterdam, Markenmut in Trier, Germany, and Masiosare Studio in Mexico City.

Learn more about this project at Think like a traveler.