Strategic Creativity

How might we embrace innovation as a culture in organizations?

With a rapid-changing market, thousands of companies are at risk of disappearing if they don’t adapt their value proposition quickly. In Mexico, many SMEs work in a reactive way: they observe and replicate what their main competitors are doing. Others, mainly family businesses, just keep doing things the same way they’ve done them for decades.

Strategic Creativity is a diagnostic with which we help companies to establish a parameter on where they stand, and how they could improve their creative confidence and innovation culture as an organization.

We applied the diagnostic through a workshops with the LEGO® Serious Play® method, and complimented it with surveys to employees from different levels of the company.

To explain these concepts as clearly as possible, I designed a visual communication system to make infographics, templates, animations and reports. We provided the companies with tools and references to help them spread this culture throughout their organizations.

This project is an adaptation of the Design Management Staircase (2009) by Design Management Europe, developed with Masiosare studio to analyze perception and leveraging of the creative capabilities of SMEs in Mexico.