Sol de Cuernavaca

Art direction for a traditional bakery

For the last 4 years, I’ve been working alongside this bakery to improve their brand experience and visual advertising, both printed and digital. This shopping experience includes product catalogs, packaging, social media content, website, banners for holiday products, exhibits and displays.

This collaboration has allowed me to experiment with digital interactions in social media, like 360º images, animations, 3D posts, as well as augmented reality with flyers, to be at the forefront in the use of these platforms.

Mexican traditional bakeries have several seasonal breads, like pan de muerto in November and rosca de reyes (king’s thread) in December and January. With masiosare studio, we have developed POP displays, like bicycles for degustation events, to enhance the presence of these products.

We have also worked in improving their brand presence and positioning in their 6 branches, by analyzing their target audience, interviewing their workers, and documenting with photography their products and baking process.

This project is made in collaboration with designer Alejandra Anton and masiosare studio.