Objects redefined

Identifying market opportunities for a product design brand.

As a designer, one of my main concerns comes from thinking,“Which new products can we design?” In my years of experience I discovered that commercializing ideas is not a guarantee of success. The best ideas from any designer result insignificant if the market cannot assimilate them. The difference between what we call a design and real products lies in a series of attributes that position them as value propositions, which solve real market needs.

With this project my purpose was to understand better how the Home accessories sector works, through the analysis of different international proposals and to provide a strategic vision to position my product brand, Made Singular. With this information the goal was to develop new products based on market opportunities in a proactive, global and strategic way.

I developed a series of positioning matrixes to discover possible unexplored territories for potential marketable products. This was a very helpful tool to aid the decision-making for the brand, becoming an important validation technique to define our conceptualization processes.

As a conclusion, continuously visualizing the value proposition of products, along with new consumers, markets, and needs, is essential to develop innovative solutions.

This project was developed as my Master’s degree thesis, for the Strategic Design Master at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in 2013. You can read the full document by clicking here.