masiosare studio

Developing a design firm and creative leadership

When I graduated from college, alongside a couple of colleagues I founded masiosare studio, a design firm dedicated to help companies innovate through product design, visual communication, and design strategy.

Building a company from start is no easy task. We started small, designing souvenirs and products (some of which were sold through the Made Singular brand) before starting larger projects with clients like Coca-Cola Femsa and Soumaya Museum.

As the company grew, we worked on business development strategies to expand our services as a consultancy. I facilitated workshops with several companies, mainly to help them understand better their value proposition before designing solutions for them.

As the team grew, my responsibilities included leading the design team to develop creative solutions. We worked on workflows, trainings, and office spaces that would inspire the team to think outside the box and collaborate. We used boards and other visual aids to help us understand where the team was to develop projects in a creative and efficient way.

In masiosare studio we achieved several awards, like the 2nd place at the National Design Biennial in the furniture category and being a part of Destination: Mexico, a collection of Mexican products sold at MoMA shop in New York and Japan.

We appeared in several media, both local and international. And we grew to develop innovative projects involving augmented reality, holographic projections, disability aids, among many others.