Helping students unleash their creative potential

One of my first experiences after graduating from college was as a teacher assistant, where I discovered my love for education. In 2015 I started as a lecturer at Universidad Anahuac México and Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión, which are two important universities in Mexico City with majors related to creative industries.

I’ve always had a practical approach, running my courses like creativity labs where students can develop wild and disruptive solutions.  I like helping students unleash their potential through projects and dynamic activities with a structured approach.

Through research and certifications, I’ve studied and applied methods like Design Thinking, Lego® Serious Play®, Service Design, Visual Thinking, among many others, to give design students tools to enhance their skills towards innovation. Besides, I’ve developed my own resources like this empathy toolkit, videos like the one next to this tex, and I’ve compiled external resources, slides and explanations I use in this blog.